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Dark –Japan how to join
:bulletred: Just click ‘join group’ button and submit, no message is necessary.
:bulletred:Any group of any type can Affiliate, so please feel free to request affilition :bulletred:

Dark – Japan Rules
:bulletred: NO Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai
:bulletred: Two Submission a day per person
:bulletred: Submit all work to correct folders
:bulletred: Respect your fellow DA members
:bulletred: Submit your own work, no stolen work or traced work allowed
:bulletred: Only quality work please, No line paper, Bad photos, poor quality
:bulletred: Only submit work that is related to the group, see submission guide for details.
:bulletred: Failure to follow rules could result in being dismissed from Group. rules are there for a reason

Dark-Japan Folders

:bulletred: Anime & Manga – Fan-art to do with Anime and Manga goes here
:bulletred: Body art – Irezumi, Japanese Style Tattoos, make-up etc
:bulletred: Calligraphy – Anything to do with script writing goes here
:bulletred: Cosplay – photos of cosplayers dressed as anime/manga characters go here
:bulletred: Crafts – all craft work that include clay, dolls, trinkets etc go here
:bulletred: Fashion – all Japanese fashion goes here (lolita, Visual Kei etc)
:bulletred: Food – Tradtional Japanese Food goes here
:bulletred: Game Characters – Characters that belong to games only go here
:bulletred: Kabuki – all work related to Kabuki goes here
:bulletred: Kimono – Tradtional Japanese clothing goes here
:bulletred: Music – anything and everything related to music goes here (photos, drawings etc)
:bulletred: Original Work – all original work that was inspired by Japan, whether it be anime/manga or the country itself, goes here
:bulletred: Photography – Photos of Japan goes here
:bulletred: Stories/Poems – Stories and Poems that are inspired by Japan go here
:bulletred: Sumi-e – Traditional Japanese ink work goes here
:bulletred: Ukiyo-e – Tradtional Japanese Prints goes here
:bulletred: Wallpapers and Miscellaneous – everything that doesn’t belong in a folder goes here but if unsure ask me first
:bulletred: Yurei – Japanese folklore, Ghosts, Demon etc go here

Gallery Folders

Crane and Pine (Tsuru and Matsu) Tsumami Kanzashi by japanesesilkflowers
Red and Lilac Bouquet with Bira and Shidare 324 by japanesesilkflowers
White Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) with Swarovski Dew by japanesesilkflowers
Tsumami Kanzashi Golden Necked Tsuru (Crane) by japanesesilkflowers
Anime Manga Fanart
Mikazuki Munechika by LeoHatsuki
Nunchaku Lemonade by Kairnain
Through sandstorms and hazy dawns 2 by broom-rider
Sekki, REND! by Kairnain
Body Art
Black Sakura Tattoo by broom-rider
Fujin Tattoo by broom-rider
Back by KaitoVIP
SHINRA-BANSYO (The universe) by tsutomu-sensei
SHIN-GI-TAI by tsutomu-sensei
Ai by broom-rider
Hana kanji by broom-rider
Well well... by FaerieBlossom
Wednesday Addams by FaerieBlossom
PEW PEW PEW! by FaerieBlossom
Neko (Cat) and Golden Moon Kanzashi Hair Ornament by japanesesilkflowers
Rabbit in the Moon Tsumami Kanzashi 326 by japanesesilkflowers
Koi and Water Motif - Tsumami Kanzashi by japanesesilkflowers
Cascading Purple Wisteria Japanese Hair Ornament by japanesesilkflowers
Purple Kanzashi Time by japanesesilkflowers
Mother Superious by FaerieBlossom
Shiroi Neko by PigeonFoo

Mature Content

Momo no Musume by PigeonFoo
Hakone Ryokan fish plate by chaobreeder16
Hakone Black magic volcano egg by chaobreeder16
Matcha and chocolate cupcake by sharvani
Ramen :3 by LunaFeles
Game Characters
Rolling Around At The Speed of Sound by LukeTheRipper
Arcanine Used Fire Blast! by LukeTheRipper
Silver Queen by LukeTheRipper
Blackest Magic by LukeTheRipper
Kitsune Noh Mask by broom-rider
Akairo by broom-rider
TOKYO AS EDO ERA 101 by hirolu
Kyoto by LunaFeles
Chiba Yusuke by kholodova by broom-rider
Original Work
Untitled Rem for Upcoming Products at Sacanime by NasikaSakura
streets of Kyoto at night by LunaFeles
Stories Poems
Puppies - sumi-e commissions by SayuriMVRomei
Samurai Captain Toad by Kairnain
Kappa under a leaf by broom-rider
Wallpapers and Miscellaneous
Hello! Project X by NEO-Musume
Contest Folder
Dark Japan contest 2nd logo by KakashiLight


Hi everyone, I realise that im not on here much nor am i monitoring this group because of that,
so im looking for someone to take over. if not then i'll be closing the group.
have till the end of March, i'll try and be on here to answer any messages concerning the takeover or shut down.
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